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    Gear Fields. The Story.


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    Gear Fields. The Story.

    Post  Alexander on Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:12 pm

    The year is 1777, the battle of Fort Mifflin is at hand. In the world we know, George Washington arrived and saved the day for the US. Not today. Great Britain took the Colonies that day. England takes over all other colonies, sparking rage with the other countries in Europe. A mass war is spawned.

    The Ottoman Empire is nearly destroyed, they now live scattered, pirates of the world, and in a giant clockwork city hidden on the side of a mountain. Germany was never unified. Italy rules the majority of south-western Europe. France currently rules over the majority of India. China rules the majority of mainland Asia (with the exception of India and Russia), while Japan rules the islands.

    Norway has unified the region of greater Scandinavia, and now rules it with an iron fist. Russia rules what it is now, the northeastern portion of India, and is the most far ahead with technology. The first to develop Time Traveling tech.

    The Ottoman Empire is the strongest second to The United Alliance of Britain, (England) who is currently ruling all of northeastern Europe and North America.

    The year is 1892. The world is a blank canvas.

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